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  1. Jason Metal moved to Florida approximately 3 weeks ago. He comes from a small family, born and raised in Worcester, MA he has one sister, father and mother. Jason grew up a blue collar guy driving tractor trailers and then working his way up to management when he decided New England winters weren't for him anymore. He moved to Silverstone County, GA close to Atlanta, GA where he began his law enforcement career. Seeing an ad on the TV one morning while eating breakfast and drinking his coffee, he had always wanted to protect and serve as a child and he believed this was his opportunity. He quickly moved through the ranks with the Silverstone County Sheriff's office as traffic deputy, to CID Detective, finally getting elected and sworn in as Silverstone County Sheriff. He spent two years in the county fighting crime with his Chief Deputy L. Hobbs and strong corps of deputies. Due to family and political changes in the state, Jason decided it was time to move on in life so he resigned as Silverstone County Sheriff and moved to Pasco County. FL where he currently resides. Being new to the state Jason took a position with Brinks Armored Car service where he felt his prior law enforcement career would help his new start and get him acclimated to his new state. He still still had that fire to protect and serve though. One day while scrolling through the TV he eventually saw an ad for FHP Troopers so he applied. Fast forward a few weeks later and Jason is now a ADU Motor Trooper with the FHP Troop C Barracks serving Pasco County, FL proudly. Jason Metal considers himself to be an outgoing guy with a fair and honest personality. He's a hard working no nonsense kind of guy. He resides with his 4 dogs and lives in the northern part of the state. Jason enjoys riding his Harley and flying in his off time. If you see him riding by don't hesitate to give him a wave.
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