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  1. Florida Life Pasco County Revamp Log To Fight your Criminal Cases, Sue people, Restraining Orders, Officer Complaints please go to Vicenetwork.com/govform The Pasco County Government will review your cases, Please provide all evidence you have into your ticket. I.E Video Evidence, PD Report Number( Ask an Officer) any witnesses and their statements. Citizen Interaction menu/Vehicle Menu This accessed by using Left Control + B, vehicle menu only accessed when in a vehicle. Civilians can access their ID from here and look at all their important info(DOB,Name etc) CAD/DMV By Pressing Left Control + C, Civilians will register their persons and their vehicles via this menu. Please use the Left Control + B to pull up your Citizen menu, open your ID, leave the ID up then pull up the CAD and register with all the information that's on your ID. Pets/RC Cars Pets and RC Cars have been added and are available to Civilian Rank 4 Only. Tuner Chips Have been added, and are available to Civilian Rank 3 and Up. These give you the ability to make your car go faster, better handling, things along that line See Triple Threat Motors for more information. Gangs Gangs have arrived to Pasco County. To Start a gang you are required to be Civilian Rank 3+ for proposal( Not every gang will be approved there is a gang limit of 2-3 BOD discretion, Limit to 6 people in a gang.) Required to be Civilian Rank 1 to be IN a gang. Gangs: Gangs will control set zones. Ability to steal drugs and safes from other gangs. Other details only noted to said gangs See Civilian Staff for more information Robberies There are multiple new robberies and types, as well as heists. Robberies can only have 4 GUNMEN and 2 HOSTAGES, Hostages MUST be non-participating, and can non benefit from a successful robbery at all. Trap Houses are in and Civilians can rob them Chop Shops( 2 Different locations and types) Chop shop within city limits parts sold in paleto at location: Cars maybe taken to a marked chop shop and broken down. You will get certain parts after car is broken down. You can then go sell these items at a marked location within paleto. You can lock pick certain houses and sell stolen goods at pawn shops: Grey homes marked on map can be lock picked into. (Find lockpicks on your own) You can enter the home and rummage through certain areas and collect items. After you have cleaned out the house you may pawn certain items at a marked pawn shop. You can break into homes in a certain truck at certain times. (Pawn Items): You must be in a boxville at certain times. You must hit (E) to begin robbery job. When you enter the home you can rummage for items or steal valuables. Certain items can be pawned off for cash. Ability to rob AI locals grants (Money and random items): You can point a weapon at a local and follow commands to rob them. Local will give you cash and sometimes random items. Vehicles New enhanced car shop: You can see pictures of cars before they are purchased. You can test drive cars for a short amount of time 6 Bike Rental Spots around the County Vehicle Dealership in Paleto Commercial Truck Dealership - Commercial License required to drive it. Boat Dealer Aircraft Dealer- Need to contact Airlines and request flight lessons/Take a flight test. Redlights Race track- Off road vehicle area added Various Notes Lapdances added Lap dances are (50 USD) at stripclub: You can get lap dances at the club from AI. You can buy food and drinks at the bar at the stripclub. Various places around the map have vending machines Gift Shop added to pillbox Construction job ( White listed and for sale) Winery job added ( White listed, see business owners) Garbage Job -Addition: Garbage Crew, Civilians can form a crew for the garbage job by all getting the job, changing into work clothes and 1 person getting a garbage truck and the rest of the crew riding on the truck. -The speed limit has been raised to (75 MPH) on all HIGHWAYS marked highways. Radio Shack stores. You can buy certain items at these stores Parachutes Don’t Work currently(Work in Progress) Skydiving locations: For a small fee you can skydive. (BRING YOUR OWN PARACHUTE YOU WILL DIE) -Realistic weapon recoil: Weapons will have new recoils added to them to enhance RP -Server sided weapon sounds streamed to enhance RP Server now streams sounds from weapons to enhance your RP Cround and Proune options: By typing /cr you will crouch. By typing /pr you will go prone Documents Script Work in Progress( Not in At the Moment)
  2. Hi my name is Noah C. I am a *super god* on the server. This allows me to change the weather and all the other fun stuff with my words. I also help FHP with what they need.
  3. Hi, I admin on things to do the things. Awesome. Bye
  4. Attention members, we updated the Penal Codes and Fines for our server. Please review these These WILL NOT BE CHANGED REGARDLESS. Please be aware these will take effect TODAY!!!!!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CyJEpw_YyNBQiPihTPf2P52cLuyyEOxDLvpuEHeL2wA/edit?usp=sharing

  5. Forums go to Discord now



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  8. As you all have seen the community vote to have one server that is Florida and it has gathered much support. That being said before we move forward with this in an orderly manner some meeting must take place we hope all can attend, all questions will be answered. Civilian Staff: 03/08/19 17:30 EST Civilian Business Owners: 03/08/19 18:30 EST General Civilian Meeting: 03/08/19 19:30 EST Any person(s) interested in Florida Law Enforcement KEEP IN MIND THIS SERVER WILL BE THE ONLY SERVER: 03/08/19 20:30 EST Any questions please PM @Garcia A.#0840 Via discord only thank you! Important Message Please Read Carefully: Due to recent conversations and lots of deliberations we have come up with a solution to a divided player base to reunite our home here at VGN. We have (2) servers with player bases that all they want is great Fair RP but can’t get on the same page. So with these problems, we have this solution but it is up to the player base and if it doesn’t gather the most votes it WILL NOT HAPPEN!! If you would like to see (1) server a true life RP server based on the state of Florida please like and comment on this forum post: https://forum.vicenetwork.com/index.php?/topic/784-restructure-of-vgn-rp-servers/ If you cannot like please just type like or your comment. Please keep in mind this would take a while to plan out and it’s completely up to you the community! Let us know how you feel! Vote! As you all have seen the community vote to have one server that is Florida and it has gathered much support. That being said before we move forward with this in an orderly manner some meeting must take place we hope all can attend, all questions will be answered.
  9. The game is pretty simple. You have to count to 2019 before 2019 actually starts. I'll begin 1
  10. Not that I know of @yhtra3 TOPIC CLOSED
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